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New Update!

01 Oct, 2021
In the night from 30th to the 1st, the new update from Looveli was published successful!
Make sure to read into our new features here...

[New] Twint Payment
[New] Bitcoin Payment
[New] Download App section
[New] Hide active status (Online)
[New] New filters in Explore Creators
[New] Multiple file uploads in one post
[New] Multiple file uploads in one message
[New] Redesigned message section
[New] Creator can send message to all its subscribers at the same time (Mass Messages)
[New] Explore creators section
[New] Homepage login
[New] Creator can set more than one category
[New] Infinite scroll in messages (Inbox)
[New] Full url in profile
[New] Explore section, where all free publications are displayed.
[New] Bookmarks section
[New] Subscription price in cards in Explore creators
[New] Creator will receive an email on new tip or PPV
[New] Members will receive an email when a creator who is subscribed creates a post
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